Morgan Beth Crockford

Crumpwell Uriel (H) and I have been together now for almost three years, we mainly compete in Dressage, as we still learning to jump over a fence, not through it! H and I compete at Elemetary within BD and BRC at National Level, and have had a few highs, winning National Juniour Prelim Dressage to Music Champion in our second year together, and a few arena titles along the way, I am very proud of H and am so glad that we have the support of Beewear. I was very lucky to ride for Team Beewear within Team Quest, this really helped H and I find our feet and create a partnership, after losing my former horse to colic.
We aim to continue our BD venture, and run for the BD Youth Home International, but mainly just have fun!
Bee and Chloë have  been so amazingly supportive of our journey, and we are looking forward to so many more memories.