Chloe Beauchamp

Danny and I have been a partnership for 3 years now, and after a tricky start, we’re finally becoming a team. We did one BE80 event last year which didn’t go quite to plan but was a fantastic experience. This year I hope to try again at BE80, as well as UA show jumping and dressage (don’t tell Danny!). In preparation for having another go at eventing we’re aiming to do arena XC/eventer trials and follow the BD Combined Training series.
Aside from competing we’re enjoying doing a variety of things together, including long hacks, trips to the gallops, fun rides and even trips to the beach!

Being part of Team Beewear is such an honour as it a team full of hardworking, inspirational individuals who are so supportive no matter what discipline, level etc each other is at. Not only that it is a privilege to wear such high quality garments provided by Beewear.